Storyteller by Mary Lou Healy

This is an incredibly beautiful poem written by Mary Lou Healy.

Mary Lou Healy passed away on August 6, 2021. She has a beautiful soul and will live forever in her poetry. Please visit her page on All Poetry and I will continue to read her poems and create videos for her.

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Dice World Season Space Odyssey

Checkout the newest season of Dice World called Space Odyssey. Our first opponent looks like he’s spent a lot of time on the Enterprise. Many more opponents to come.

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Yahtzee w/Buddies – All My Dice!!

I decided to put together a little video showing all of the dice I’ve collected in the Yahtzee with Buddies game. There are over 2000 you can collect, believe it or not. I thought I had a lot but at around 184, I most certainly do not. 🙂

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Dice World Candy Land – Test Phase!

We are interrupting our current Dice World Season called Rolling in the Deep (check it out) to toss in a week long round of videos to play tge Yahtzee with Buddies new Dice World Categories.

These categories are Star Catcher, Double Shot, Turn It On, and Hot Potato. In this 5 part video series you will find my impression and overall opinion regarding the new categories as well as the game play showing how they work.

Below is the first video in the series. Check it out and then move on to the other four.

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Allstar by Mary Lou Healy

I enjoyed reading this poem a great deal. It’s funny and full of cute pictures to go with the poem, written by Mary Lou Healy. Take a look see and like the video if you enjoy it and subscribe if you would like to be notified of future videos.

As of today, there are several others to choose from in different categories. This one is HUMOR! 🙂

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Dice World Season Spring Things!

Check out the playlist covering the Yahtzee with Buddies Dice World Spring Things Season. How far can we get in the season and can we make ourselves to the Race?

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Is it better to be human
and self-aware, while
knowing how absurd
people can be?

Or is it better to be an ant,
working quickly until life has ended,
or a sloth working just as hard,
only a tad slower.

We consider ourselves superior
to those who cannot conceive of,
nor put into practice,
stopgap bureaucracies,
polluted definitions of society,
and the devil’s politics.

Are we better for the practice of the poet?

It seems we should be, yet
no longer grasp the meaning of poetry.

Writing used to bring me clarity,
regardless of the genre;
now it makes me ponder
the infection we have become.

Written by Phenix JiRa 3/21/2021

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Newest Dice World Season

Guess what! That’s right. Not only are there new poetry videos up, there are new Yahtzee with Buddies videos up for Dice World. This one is called The Big Easy and starts with the opponent called Creole Chef. Come on in and check out the action and find out just how far we can get without losing.

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New Poetry Reading Mlou

There are a few new poetry reading videos up featuring Mary Lou Healy's poetry and most are found under the play list called Mary Lou Healy 2021. Later in the year, as different themes come up, there will be additional playlists added. For now, however, they will be put under her 2021 playlist. Just like last year, when a new playlist is created, the poems from those lists may also show up in the 2021 list. This is to give the listener an easy way to find the poetry themes along with a full list of poems.

Go here for the 2021 playlist and have fun listening and reading her many poems which are also found on AllPoetry.

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So Many Games!

The Dice World season called Classic TV time is on YouTube now.

The characters from the different TV shows are quite funny! Take a look to see if you can guess who they are.

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New Poetry Reading – The Only Constant

A new Mary Lou Healy poem is up on YouTube. I think you’ll like it!!

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Fast Fiction Friday (#20)

The following are three Fast Fiction Friday writing prompts. Remember, set your timer for 30 minutes and write without stopping or editing or thinking beyond what your natural mind wants to write. If you want, leave a comment under this post describing what you wrote or letting me know you used it!


Prompt #1: Three wishes and a cup of coffee...


Prompt #2: My childhood toy came to life and spilled the beans...


Prompt #3: How many clowns does it take to...

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New Poetry Reading – Philosophy 101

New poetry reading is up on YouTube and available for everyone to see, hear, and enjoy! The first poem in this series is called Philosophy 101 and will have two versions; one with text and one without.

Below is the link to the very first poem which does include text. It will also be found in the playlist called Mary Lou Healy 2021.

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Then Vs. Now


It’s easier to write now, so much so that everyone can call themselves a writer.
You don’t need to be published or write good works. All you need is a computer,
an email account, and a blog. Instantaneously famous!

My grandmother had an old fashioned typewriter, the kind that jammed a lot.
If you didn’t know where the keys were, you had to start over. There was no such
thing as a back space key. No home key, no delete, and if you took the paper out,
there was no way to put it back and line everything up properly.

You literally had to start over.

You couldn’t hit Control Z to go back or Control C & V to copy and paste. You had
to type your project over and over again if you made one tiny mistake. Or if you
had to say something in one article more than once, you had to type it as many
times as it needed to be read…

Continue reading

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February is Coming

Good morning!

New poetry reading videos are coming out for February. There is one left over from January that will sneak into the new month but theremaining poems read for February will be under the theme of Beliefs and Thoughts. These are philosophical and yet still fun. Please feel free to check them out over on YouTube. I will attempt to post when new videos come out but in general, they are posted a couple of times a week. The first version of a poem is with text and the second version is without. In this way you can watch/listen to whichever you like the best. The words on the screen help when it’s not quite understood how the poem flows in the written word. The video without allows you to enjoy the words being spoken and see the video pictures without words scrolling.

Once the first video comes out, I will post the link to the playlist. That said, if you want to check out the past videos for themes of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, go to YouTube and search for Phenix Jira. There you will find two accounts (the other is for gaming) and you can view the many poetry videos.

Speaking of gaming, there are many videos to view of Yahtzee with Buddies with new ones to emerge soon. I have a couple of videos on Rumble as well however that is a new account and I am primarily on YouTube at this time.

Thanks everyone!

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