NaNoWriMo Start

Here we go!

And here is my thought on it...

I have many details down for the story however not a lot of actual writing. I've decided to create the story board which will help with the writing of the actual story. I know many people have all of their information and details compiled before November in order to ONLY write. I'm not at that stage so I am making an adjustment which is what all writers do.

I will eventually publish the author site however, until I am ready to do that, I will use this (my main site) as a way of tracking my progress. I am not sharing the title of the story yet other than to call it DuDuZe which is a short version of the actual title. Don't want anyone to borrow it before I publish it. 🙂

Today I will begin the process of adding sticky notes to my story board which will highlight all areas of the story. I'm very excited about the process!

Until later... bye-bye.

NaNoWriMo – Story in Process

This year I am participating in the NaNoWriMo! I have been working on different aspects of the story however decided recently that the outline method is not always the best for me. I'm now switching up to a story board.

Recently I met an author who writes soft romance novels and she uses a story board to help gather as much information as possible before the writing process. I'm a bit backwards but not so far along that this method can't help me.

These novels will be under the pen name of Jill Starlight and progress, publication, and other details will come out on a website with that same name at a later date.

The novel I am writing is a cozy mystery set in a small town and with the main character living on a farm with her best friend who moves in to help manage things. There is a lot as to why they live on this farm as well as what their relationship is and how it develops. More to come.