Here on the gallery & links page you will find some of my photos along with links to people who have created photos for public use. Feel free to look around and also visit outside artists for your own inspiration!

A few photos from my collection...

Pictures and Videos used on Phenix JiRa

The photos and videos used on Phenix Jira are from sites like Pexels and Pixabay and are listed as no attribution necessary per the owner's posted items. Much thanks to these artists! Here is a list of people to visit if you would like to check out more of their photos and videos. Try using some to inspire your own writing. I have used some of their photos through the site.

Photo examples

by Brett Sayles               by Recal Media
by Lukas                         by Pixabay
by Thought Catalog        by David Bares
by Matthew Barra           by Rawpixel
by Ricardo Esquivel        by Lisa Fotios
by Christina Morillo        by Ichigo

... and many more.

Video Examples

Garden Video
Secret Gate
Girl Walking

... and many more.

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