NaNoWriMo Start

Here we go!

And here is my thought on it...

I have many details down for the story however not a lot of actual writing. I've decided to create the story board which will help with the writing of the actual story. I know many people have all of their information and details compiled before November in order to ONLY write. I'm not at that stage so I am making an adjustment which is what all writers do.

I will eventually publish the author site however, until I am ready to do that, I will use this (my main site) as a way of tracking my progress. I am not sharing the title of the story yet other than to call it DuDuZe which is a short version of the actual title. Don't want anyone to borrow it before I publish it. 🙂

Today I will begin the process of adding sticky notes to my story board which will highlight all areas of the story. I'm very excited about the process!

Until later... bye-bye.

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