New Halloween Videos

Hello everyone!

During the month of October, I am uploading poetry reading videos about Halloween and the month in general. These readings are found on YouTube under the name Phenix JiRa and there will be approximately 2 videos per week (possibly more).

One Haunted Eve Video

I’m finding the process of reading poetry and listening to how it sounds a bit daunting but still a lot of fun and educational. With each video, I think I’m getting better than the first one! As of today there are two Halloween videos posted with two October themed poems coming next week. After that, there will be at least 3 more videos about Halloween posted!

I’m excited to see what people think of these. AS this is a new YouTube channel, there are only a handful of followers so it may be that comments and likes come much later down the line… maybe even next Halloween rather than this year. That’s okay as this is all for my enjoyment and hopefully others will like it as well.

Happy Halloween!

Don't be too scared!

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