Then Vs. Now


It’s easier to write now, so much so that everyone can call themselves a writer.
You don’t need to be published or write good works. All you need is a computer,
an email account, and a blog. Instantaneously famous!

My grandmother had an old fashioned typewriter, the kind that jammed a lot.
If you didn’t know where the keys were, you had to start over. There was no such
thing as a back space key. No home key, no delete, and if you took the paper out,
there was no way to put it back and line everything up properly.

You literally had to start over.

You couldn’t hit Control Z to go back or Control C & V to copy and paste. You had
to type your project over and over again if you made one tiny mistake. Or if you
had to say something in one article more than once, you had to type it as many
times as it needed to be read…