February is Coming

Good morning!

New poetry reading videos are coming out for February. There is one left over from January that will sneak into the new month but theremaining poems read for February will be under the theme of Beliefs and Thoughts. These are philosophical and yet still fun. Please feel free to check them out over on YouTube. I will attempt to post when new videos come out but in general, they are posted a couple of times a week. The first version of a poem is with text and the second version is without. In this way you can watch/listen to whichever you like the best. The words on the screen help when it’s not quite understood how the poem flows in the written word. The video without allows you to enjoy the words being spoken and see the video pictures without words scrolling.

Once the first video comes out, I will post the link to the playlist. That said, if you want to check out the past videos for themes of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, go to YouTube and search for Phenix Jira. There you will find two accounts (the other is for gaming) and you can view the many poetry videos.

Speaking of gaming, there are many videos to view of Yahtzee with Buddies with new ones to emerge soon. I have a couple of videos on Rumble as well however that is a new account and I am primarily on YouTube at this time.

Thanks everyone!

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