Hollywood Elites vs Everyone Else

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We have all known for a long time that something is going on within the entertainment industry. What I mean by “something” is that within that circle is a particular kind of person and there are hierarchies and elites just like there are in the government.

I did not watch the Oscars this year and have no idea when the last time was that I did watch them. I have no interest whatsoever and watching Hollywood pat itself on the back and tell themselves how great they are is disgusting, at best. The films they publish are often crap or just another forum to lecture us. So, them giving each other awards for that kind of garbage means nothing to me at all.

The Will Smith and Chris Rock incident is a great example of what is happening in the world today. There are a few pictures on-line of the incident that almost look like this was a planned event.

But then there are more pictures and the video to indicate it wasn’t. I’m going to discuss a theory I have about this whole event and whether or not it was planned.

There are rumors that Hollywood is trying to get rid of comedians. Many of them have walked away from comedy and become very bitter and angry. You can tell who these people are based on what they are doing and saying today.

When it comes to popular and well-known comedians, many of them have pulled way back from their usual comedy skits. Up and coming comedians who are not well known can get away with more questionable material because nobody knows about them. Often, they are seen at small comedy clubs or bars and have no aspiration of becoming the next Chris Rock.

Famous comedians are forever being watched and there are people with nothing better to do than bite their nails waiting for the next controversial joke or mistake. Of course when I say the word controversial or mistake, I mean in the eyes of those who are offended by everything and on behalf of everyone.   

Jokes rarely do NOT offend someone. When was the last time you watched a standup comedian tell joke after joke after joke and never offend a soul? It is impossible. Even with some of the tamest jokes there will be someone who is offended. There are comedians who use themselves as examples or as the butt of the joke but there will always be somebody in the audience who gets bent out of shape because they identify in some way.

Just like difficult conversations that seem to be forbidden these days, it seems that there is a list of jokes being created that can no longer be told and the list is getting longer. Whether or not Chris Rock knew that will Smith’s wife has a medical condition is quite honestly irrelevant. If you are in the public arena, then you are not off limits.

Will Smith’s reaction implies that no one can say anything about his wife and that’s ridiculous. She can roll her eyes if she wants and she can be mad if she wants but for him to get up out of his seat, walk all the way on stage and slap another man across the face, is very irresponsible and sets a horrible example.

What is he telling people? Is he telling us that the next time we’re offended by a comedian we can get up and slap them across the face? Is he telling children that the next time somebody says something that hurts feelings you can punch or push them? Where is the limit?  

Chris Rock made a joke about Jada’s hair which is a subject she has talked about herself so it’s not as if it’s hush hush.

No one likes to be made fun of, that is true, but if you are in this field of work and at an awards event with a comedian on stage, you know what’s going to happen.

You know comedians will cherry pick people out of the audience to make fun of and this is actually a way of showing the viewers that the actors know how people see them. They are attempting to make themselves seem real.

Of course, that is actually not entirely true because Hollywood believes that we, the common person who watches them on the big screen, are sitting in awe of how great they are. I believe there was a day that would have been true but Hollywood has lost credibility and this event sums it up quite nicely.

The Hollywood elite believe we should emulate them and therefore they are giving themselves all kinds of privileges while also restricting themselves into narrow boxes.

So imagine you have millions of dollars and millions of fans but your coworkers are dictating what you can and cannot do and if you do the wrong thing, they will blacklist you or shame you to the world. You only have a handful of choices at this point. You can stand up for your beliefs and get kicked in the teeth or you can join the radicals and be one of the forces against the minority person in Hollywood.

We wonder why teenagers act the way they do today. I know teenagers have always acted out or acted peculiarly compared to how adults act later in life (I was one of them). However, teenagers today are doing much more damage to themselves physically and mentally and much of that comes from Hollywood.

Many teenagers have no idea how to make real and lasting friends because everything comes and goes so quickly and one of your friends could turn on you as soon as you say the wrong thing.  

Of course hundreds of memes were created within minutes of the Smith & Rock incident and I have created one of my own. I’m not a big meme creator so we’ll see how this goes.

Meme 01 – PJ
Meme 02 – PJ

Basically, how I see this picture is that Chris Rock represents the Hollywood elites and Will Smith represents everyone else in the world who is fed up with Hollywood. When you know the actual incident in question, it’s backwards but I think you get it.

What happened at the Oscars is exactly what we want to do to Hollywood. We want to slap them across the face and tell them to stop the stupid crap that they are doing!

It doesn’t matter to me who did this. The fact that it was these two people is irrelevant. If two other actors did this exact same thing, I would feel the same way because Hollywood elites have back stabbed fans to the point of people boycotting their movies, their TV shows, or places they may be where we simply don’t want to see them anymore.

Hell, the person running the camera could have slapped one of the backstage people and that act would represent the same thing period Hollywood is a mess!

The Oscars are supposed to be a place for fans to get a look at their favorite actors outside of their movies or TV shows. To see them interacting with each other and maybe get a good laugh or a good cry. To remember the movies that we loved and to see if any of our favorite actors win awards for those movies.

Today the Oscars is just a place for the actors to bleed on stage about whatever thing has their attention today.

There are other forums where they can promote what they care about or express their feelings about events or people in the world. The Oscars is not the place for that however that is what it has become and it’s gross. They figure they’re already on stage and people are already watching so why not ram things down our throat regardless of whether we want to hear it or not

As a side note, regarding Hollywood and activism, I don’t believe it belongs anywhere, at least not what they are promoting today. It’s one thing for an actor to go out of their way to feed the poor or help a victim of abuse or promote adoption of pets or something similar. But that’s not what they’re doing anymore, now they are actively telling us what we need to do and encouraging others to shame us if we don’t.

Regarding the actual event of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock for telling a joke about his wife’s hair, I believe Will Smith was out of line. The joke was innocuous and unless you actually knew the reference, you wouldn’t necessarily get the joke.  

Hell, I never saw the movie he referenced so honestly would not have even gotten the joke unless I went out of my way to look it up.

And the fact Will Smith sat there and laughed the whole time until his wife gave him the look, tells me he didn’t think it was a big deal.

I get the sense that there is something broken in that relationship and that he may be under pressure from his wife that is beyond what they make known. There’s something there.

Now since I put together my transcript for creating this video yesterday, Will Smith has come out with an apology that includes an apology to Chris Rock and his wife posted a quick Item on Instagram that simply says:

This is a season for healing and I’m here for it.

The only thing I have to say about that is that if she really forgives Chris Rock for the joke and doesn’t take offense, she should say so with her voice.

Okay, here’s a possible theory that, after Will’s apology to Chris Rock since the event, is probably flawed but still something to consider.

So let’s assume it was planned and that this is something Will and Chris set up together in order to get some attention. If that is true, I still think that Chris was surprised at the force of the slap. Again this is just for the sake of argument saying that maybe they planned it all along.

There just seems to be some indication it could have been planned. There’s a look on Chris’s face that might indicate he knew Will was coming up to do something and maybe they planned for him to take the microphone or do a little slap then wrestle or play it up.

Meme 03 – PJ

When Will Smith walks away after the slap, he has a smirk on his face as if he just pulled something off. Like maybe he was supposed to do something else but SURPRISE.

And then there’s the look of shock on Chris face which could mean anything. I believe he would be shocked regardless because if he didn’t know he was going to be slapped, that would surprise him. If he did know he was going to be slapped and joked around with, then that big slap would also surprise him. Either way I think Chris was surprised and Will walked away feeling vindicated.

I don’t know enough about the history between these two men and quite frankly I really don’t care. I read a small thing that said they might have an ongoing dispute. I do know there are some questions about the relationship between Will and his wife but that’s something else all together.

My wrap is that Hollywood is insulting the fans to the point of shooting themselves in the foot. Actors are coming apart at the seams, former comedians are screaming at people, those still trying to do stand-up comedy have a ball and chain around their ankle, movies are lecturing us about everything making it impossible to live up to the expectations the elites seem to have for us, and movies are no longer entertaining. New movies are stupid and remakes of great movies are attempts to kill off characters or change them beyond recognition.

Hollywood, if you’re listening, we the fans don’t care about what you think we should think. You live in a fantasy world and you are creating and helping to create mental illness and confusion beyond a recognizable life.

You live in a bizarre bubble that you have locked yourself into and welded shut any escape. I used to feel bad for actors who were no longer acting but now I recognize that they are the lucky ones. They magically found the exit and walked through finding something much more real and fulfilling… it’s called life!

This is Phenix JiRa and I’m done with that thought.

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