It’s Never Too Late To Give Up

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This was actually the first video I created for this channel so I had no idea how I wanted to end it. Since that time, I came up with my ever so famous “I’m done with that thought” ending.

Is there ever a time when it’s too late to take on a new hobby or adventure or simply change an aspect of your life?

In my opinion, there comes a point when a person has waited too long to do certain things. At various times in my life I have decided to write a book and inevitably something happens to distract me to the point of forgetfulness.

If I were to mention this to someone they might say “well, it’s never too late to write that book”. To some degree, they would be correct but there does come a point when that advice or encouragement no longer applies. You might think that can’t be true but if I were to wait until my death bed to write it, then it would truly too late.

Sometimes, whether or not a thing is too late depends upon the person in question. One person at the age of 70 might be able to sky dive while another wouldn’t dare do it. Often there’s nothing wrong with saying “it’s never to late” but we should be aware of the person’s limitations. If they truly cannot do the thing, then pushing them by saying they can, is obnoxious.

If we are realistic about our abilities and come to the conclusion we can no longer do something we always wanted to do, then we can come up with something new. In this respect, we are not actually giving up but instead redesigning the goal.

Redesign the Goal

Hence, we can now get back to saying “it’s never too late” by redirecting to a new goal if the previous goal is no longer a possibility.

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